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to average americans, the economy. let's run this through the spin cycle. i think this is a double-edge sword. on the one hand, this election is about the economy. and regardless of how tempting foreign policy is right now, come election day, voters care most about the economy. that's true i think every year. we know this from 2004. which was supposed to be an election on foreign policy and still exit polls showed most voters cared about the economy. so i think the advisors who want him to stay on message about the economy are right. however, the other side to this, and i guess i'm arguing two points here, the other side to this is, there are areas to exploit. obama's foreign policy has been whitewashed by his defenders and i think there are people on the right in the middle and honest people on the left who would be outraged to hear a little bit more about obama's failed promises. the problem mitt romney is going to have, he has to come at foreign policy from the left and right. that's tricky. from the right, he needs to talk about obama's policy of open hands versus clenched fists, have see
look at of how much he's hated in own country, after he oppressed his own people in 2009, the economy and this is what people look at. he really destroyed the economy by pushing the whole world, to put more sanction on him and on the iranian central bank and ruined the country. he is the worst pr for his people. >> rula, back to israel and the united states, president obama barely discussed israel in the speech at the u.n. he didn't meet with netanyahu. is that -- are those things that israelis listen to and pick up on or is that really just stuff we talk about here? >> i think israelis, they look on the level of cooperation that we had with them and it's been the best in maybe in the last three presidency. the level of security that they're granted. look. if we look at iran, who's doing the cyber attacks? who's responsible for the killing of that assassination program killing most of the scientists? nobody's putting -- nobody's pointing out who they are? it's a level of cooperation and collaboration on the issues. israelis are involved and americans are involved. but i think here i t
this message of, hey, i'm the protest vehicle. if you're unhappy where the economy is, vote out obama. that's the better calculation. we're just finding out that's not enough, but the alternative is worse. >> the alternative is no real alternative because i don't know any republican that toed the far right line in the primaries would have got through the primaries. i looked at some of the positions mitt romney was forced to take. he had to say he would vote no on a 10-1 spending deal. he talked about self-deport addition as an immigration solution. he embraced the paul ryan budget calling it marvelous and medicare vouchers and personhood which is so extreme it failed on the ballot in mississippi, arguably the most pro-life state in the country. one that hurt him in ohio is his embrace of the anti-union ohio sb 5 ballot initiative, which sealed his image early on in ohio. even his call to repeal obama care is not particularly popular. given all that range of positions that he had to take in the primary and add to that being tarred with the brush of people like todd akin, chris co-back, and r
is coming to our side u in rating, the midterms explained by how bad the economy was and what we are seeing now, as the economy starts to improve a bit, most americans actually like obama, cheering for him this stuff really seems off note, i think, to the average american. >> owe mama is a divisive figure, constantly pitting one america against the other. in 2007, it was black america against a white government. and knew that he essentially is the government, he is taking that same kind of tactic and he is pitting poor america against wealthy america. the problem with this is that there are actually aggrieved groups, legitimate arguments to be made that the government has neg lengtd the concerns of black america, that our economy has not sufficiently addressed poverty, but you don't put agrieved groups and pit them against one another. that is not what a truly transcendent leader does it is petty, it's small minded, divisive politics and i have to think this is the kind of small-minded world view that is going to keep obama from being considered a great leader. >> where does he do that? >>
five things i'm going to do to get this economy going, and they're going to create 12 million jobs. i'm not cutting jobs from virginia but adding jobs to virginia. so we're going to -- >> both the president and mitt romney courting voters in virginia today. without virginia it will be almost impossible for romney to win in november. in 2008 obama took it down with 53% of the vote with results that very nearly matched the national tally. the real clear politics average has him leading by 4.5 points. the race is close in the home state with romney holding a slight lead as recently as two weeks ago. let's bring in brian moran to see if he gives us a preview of december. thanks for joining us. >> happy to be with you. we do enjoy a lead, but if i might continue the football analogies, we need to play the entire 60 minutes. we cannot let up until the clock runs out 7:00 p.m. on november 6th. we're working very hard to make sure we deliver -- redeliver our 13 electoral votes for the next president of the united states, barack obama, and the united states senate seat tim kaine. >> i love tha
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)